Completed Projects:

Training Programs For Peace Club Boys And Girls (with Plan Pakistan)
– A ‘Peace Club’ was constituted, consisting of 25 children. Following training programs were started and completed by Universal Human Rights Organization with the collaboration of an international NGO, Plan Pakistan.
– Puppet Making
– Glass Painting
– Theatre Performance
– English Language Course
– Exposure / Cultural Vision
– Celebration on International Days
– Tree Planting
– Art Skills
– Food Meals

Education Project – ABES and MIED
UHRO initiated the education project in January 2004 which was completed in June 2005. It aimed at providing formal and non-formal education at nursery level with collaboration of “Adult Basic Education Society” (ABES) Pakistan. UHRO also Collaborated with “Mountain Institute for Education Development” (MIED) to provide education on regular bases to the community children in the community of G-7/2 Islamabad.
Arrange a library in Christian colony to facilitate students at G-7/2 Islamabad.
Health – SACHET Pakistan
1. A health clinic was established in Christian Colony in Coordination with SACHET, Pakistam from 2005 – 2006. It zeroed on delivering immediate health facilities to the needy/poor people in teh community.
2. Free of cost milk was provided to the children living in ‘Colony’ up to three months to evaluate the healthy growth of the infants.
3. Free ‘De-worming’ camps were organised every three months in one and half years, for the parents and children relating the health concerned issues.
4. ‘Lecture’ programs were arranged to promote awareness among parents how they can keep healthy their children and themselves
5. It provided sports facilities to boys and girls for indoor and outdoor activities.
UHRO with the collaboration of ‘PUNKH’ strived to alleviate poverty through skill developing training programs.

Community Health Education – (CHE)
One year rudimentary health training was imparted to 12 boys and girls, aged from 13 to 19 years in:
1. First Aid Training
2. Hepatitus Prevention
3. Malaria Immunization
4. Sexually Transmitted Infection / Sexually Transmitted Diseases-STD awareness
5. AIDS/HIV preventive measures
6. Family Planning and health
7. Career Counseling

Community Development Program – (CPD)
1. Provided Natural Gas in G-7/2 Christian Colony with co-ordination of philanthropists.
2. A campaign was launched for better health and cleaning in Christian Colony G-7/2, on July 26-27,2009.
3. UHRO helped provide electricity in G-7/2 Christian Colony on “Self-Help” basis.
4. A campaign was launched for maintaining health and cleanliness in CHristian Colony G-7/2 during July 6-8,2010.
5. Members visited different places for recreation and information to see other projects done by other organization e.g. Islamabad, Chakwal, Veharri, Murree, Lahore,
6. Constructed a “Community Centre” (size: 25×80 feet)on July 2010 at CHristian Colony near Awami Market G-7/2, Islamabad.

Free Eye Test Camp
A free ‘Eye Checking’ Camp was arranged for two days at Christian Colony G-7/2 and one day at 48 Quarters Kachi Abadi G-7/2-3, Islamabad.

Collaboration With ‘PLAN’ Pakistan
We started working with Plan Pakistan International in October 2003. Uptil now we have acheived the following with PPI collaboration:
– We collected census and basic data from houses.
– Distributed school bags in 2004-5
– Distributed Books and Copies in children in 2006-7
– Arranged Different stage shows for awareness of education and self-talent exploring.

Current Projects

– Sewing training center in Hansa Colony G-8/2 Islamabad.
– Sewing training center in kachi abadi G-7/2 Islamabad.
– Awareness on Health
– Education

Future Projects

Old Age Care House
A tution center will be arranged for secondary classes.
Lecture programs will be arranged for students to create awareness about their career counseling.
Education seminars will be arranged.
Education and Informative tours will be arranged
IT and vocational training will be provided.
Health awareness program will be continued
An ambulance service will be arranged for emergency.
Free Medical Camps will be organized
Rehabilitation support will be arranged
Library will be improved
Improvement in indoor/outdoor game activities
Health and Claening programs will be continued
A sticthing center will be established for both male and female.
Community Development Programs will be established