“To work towards obtaining fundamental rights for the down trodden classes of the society irrespective of cast or religion aimed at their growth and prosperity”

“Our mission is to harness human efforts in the process of establishing and building peaceful development, educational and just societies in Pakistan, by working for, and working with poor communities”

Universal Human Rights Organization (UHRO) is a non-profit and non-Governmental Organization. It took its inception as a Community Based Organization (CBO) on August 18, 2003, at G-7/2 Christian Colony in Islamabad. Its nascent goals were to uplift and bring change among deprived, ignored and unaccessed Community who have had least or no access to learning, health and vocational skills in Islamabad. Education is the key to bring revolution in the lives of individuals. It facilitates the mental abilities to flourish and get utmost fruits from the competitive world. Hence, the primary purpose of this organization is to improve and empower the community through education. The organization has executed various Projects since 2003. Effective and efficient program triumphs boosted the morals of this organization’s founding- fathers and they got it registered on May 10, 2010 under the clauses of Societies Act 1961.

“The overall objective of UHRO is to widen the process of effective human resource mobilization, and development of the poor and disadvantaged people in general, to provide real opportunities and choices for personal welfare, by ensuring that, as much as possible through community-driven efforts, they benefit from mainstream development and participate in community activities”

Awareness of children about health
Sensitizing children and parents about the importance of education
Vocational education of both genders